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Trainer Consultant Certification
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Certification in CBT Training and Consultation

ACT certified trainer/consultants are individuals who possess the educational, practice and leadership skills to serve as a supervisor, trainer, or consultant for other developing cognitive behavioral therapists. They are committed to both the practice of CBT and the transmission of that practice to new and developing trainees, or people who may be under their supervision in a work or mental health setting. It is assumed that trainer/consultants should themselves be credentialed to practice as a Diplomate of ACT. Trainer/consultants who are credentialed by ACT are committed to the development of their skills, and to their own ongoing professional development.

Certification in CBT training and consultation provides a number of significant benefits.

ACT Trainers/Consultants must:

  1. Be familiar with cognitive and cognitive-behavioral models of clinical practice.
  2. Be able to structure supervision, solve problems, and implement supervision across a range of interventions, and within a range of supervisory modalities (e.g., live, videotaped, or distance supervision).
  3. Address relationship issues and potential problems than may arise in supervision.
  4. Demonstrate sensitivity to diversity considerations such as culture, ethnicity, and gender.
  5. Be knowledgeable with respect to ethical and legal issues of supervision. 
  6. Develop and present a personal model of supervision.
  7. Accept the requirements and procedures for supervising trainees so that these trainees can seek ACT Diplomate status.

Becoming an Approved Trainer/Consultant:

ACT Diplomates who seek to be credentialed as an Approved trainer/consultant must apply to the Academy of Cognitive Therapy office, and pay the requisite fee for evaluation of $450. These individuals (here after called ‘applicants’) must be a credentialed Diplomate or Fellow of ACT, normally for a minimum of 5 years. The application shall include a current CV and a statement of training goals to become an ACT Certified Trainer/Consultant.

Once accepted as a trainee, the applicant will be assigned an ACT Approved Trainer/Consultant, who will serve as the mentor for the training period.

Criteria to become an ACT Certified Trainer/Consultant

  1. Successful completion of at least 30 hours of training in supervision. The form of the training may include self-study or didactic coursework, workshops related to CBT supervision, and supervision by an ACT Certified Trainer/Consultant. A minimum of one full day of didactic course work (a 5 to 8 hour workshop on CBT supervision). Arequired reading list, which would qualify for a maximum of five hours of self-study. Each applicant must also have at minimum of 20 hours of supervision of supervision. Training will be quantified in the following ways:


Self-Study/ Didactic Coursework 5 Hours You have read all books listed in the recommended reading list (To be determined).
CBT Supervision Workshop 5 Hours You have attended one full-day CBT Supervision Workshop.
Supervision of Supervision Training 20 Hours You have had a minimum of 20 hours of training sessions of supervision of supervision.Please note an hour may be a contact hour with your supervisor or an hour when she reviewed your work sample.


  1. Training in the use of the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (CTRS), and demonstrated fidelity on the CTRS, using criteria established and maintained by the Credentialing Committee. Applicants will be required to score 2 standardized audio samples within one standard deviation of the mean. In accordance with the standards for the rating pool, each applicant will have a total of six opportunities to establish 2 within range scores. The audio samples will be the one’s currently used to credential new raters for the credential committee. Note: if an applicant fails to score within range on the first 2 samples, an additional cost will be incurred for any additional sample rating.
  1. Each applicant must have supervised at least 3 mental health professionals for a minimum of 4 months (a typical academic semester).
  1. Applicants must provide at least one letter of recommendation from one of their supervisees. An additional letter of recommendation must be provided by their supervisor that provided their supervision of supervision training. A standardized reference letter for both the supervisee and the supervisor will be provided.
  1. The submission of a personal supervisory model, based on CBT principles, but appropriate to the area of practice and setting in which the applicant works. See below for a sample outline. The scale resembles the Case Review Rating Scale used to assess Case Write-Ups and can be found below. The scale will include the following rating format: Not Present (0), Present but inadequate (1), and Present and adequate (2).
  1. The applicant must normally complete the process of training to become an ACT Trainer/Consultant normally within two years of initial application.
  1. On successful completion of the training, the applicant will be able to use the title “ACT Certified Trainer & Consultant." This title will continue, contingent on continuing status as a Diplomate or Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and continued payment of fees that may be set by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy from time to time.
  1. Should an applicant fail to successfully fully the requirements to become an ACT Certified Trainer/Consultant, they may reapply in the future.

Application Process


PRELIMINARY REVIEW Part I will request specific demographic, training, and supervision experience information. The non-refundable fee for the CBT Trainer/Consultant certification is $450. Once the Credentialing Committee has approved Part I of your application, you will be requested to submit Part II.  


SUPERVISION CASE WRITE-UP Please provide us with a personal supervisory model, based on CBT principles, but appropriate to the area of practice and the setting in which you work. This statement shall be no more than 2,500 words and shall include citations that demonstrate knowledge of the literature in the area of CBT supervision. Please send a digital copy (PDF or Doc) of the statement to Enter your name and “Certified CBT Trainer/Consultant Applicant” into the subject line. (An exemplary Supervision Case Write-Up will be made available).
RATING AND FIDELITY Using the Cognitive Therapy Rating Scale (Beck & Young, 1980), you must score 2 standardized audio samples within one standard deviation of the mean. You will have a total of six opportunities to establish 2 within range scores.

Trainer Certification

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